Is a lace front wig the best solution for you?

Lace wigs are:

  • Natural looking
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable

The lace wig or the lace front wig is a unique type of wig or hairpiece that is usually assembled with human hair. It can also be made with synthetic hair as well. The lace wig gets its name because it has a lace base that goes over the scalp. The lace front part of the wig helps make the hairline look more natural. This makes the wig appear as though hair is growing directly from the scalp. There are many types of lace caps that are available such as Swiss Lace, French Lace, French Lace and Ear to Ear.

The lace front wig trend has remained extremely popular because it is the most natural hair attachment option available today. Unlike the wigs your mother grew up with, lace front wigs are constructed using only weft hair and breathe-easy lace. All stock wigs are full French lace along the hairline with baby hairs and bleached knots. They also stretch ear to ear for a better fit and do not require glue when installed. Styling options are limitless, from high ponytails to parts in the front.

The benefit of using human hair lace wigs is that they can be treated as if it were your own hair. Heat is typically not a problem with human hair as human hair is frequently treated with curling irons, color treatments, and permed with electric rollers. You will be able to treat your own human hair lace front wig as if it were your own growing hair. Treat yourself to a lace wig! Enjoy the natural looking, versatile and comfortable feel of having your own human hair lace wig.
Are you ready to get a lace wig or want more information about lace wigs?

A consultation is recommended to determine the amount of hair, texture, length, and color that will be required for your perfect wig/hairpiece.