Not sure if non-surgical hair replacement is right for you?

There are several reasons for women’s hair loss which could be caused by alopecia, physiological stress, hormones, genetics, cancer treatment, or injuries. After identifying the reason for your hair loss, Carlin Hair Loss Solutions will help to find the best hair care solution for you, ensuring that you have a perfect custom fit!

Carlin Hair Loss Solutions – offers the best in hair loss solutions for men and women who want to look and feel their best. The method and procedures we use are very safe and effective in restoring the style, feel, and look of how your hair once looked. We focus on using the highest quality of materials and techniques, which allow us to recreate almost any hairstyle you once had before your hair loss or thinning hair started.

Our hair systems are made from natural human hair so that they feel and look real. These hair systems look nothing like the wigs or toupees of the past. Our hair system solutions are hand made and consist of 100% human hair so that they match the color, density and texture of any hair type you are wanting.

It is important to note that wigs and hairpieces that are made from natural human hair will require some level of maintenance and care just as regular hair does. After receiving your custom wig, Angie will teach you how to properly care for it at home.


A consultation is necessary to determine the amount of hair, texture, length, and color that will be required for your perfect wig/hairpiece.