Can using modern hair extensions make you look and feel fabulous?

If you want to look your best and increase your hair’s length or volume without waiting for it to grow, Carlin Hair Loss Solutions can provide you with natural, beautiful and high-quality hair extensions.

Carlin Hair Loss Solutions uses modern hair extension techniques so that your installation looks as natural as possible. Just so you know, there are several types of hair extensions that are available, such as clip-ins, pre-bonded, weaves, and micro-links. It can be somewhat overwhelming if you’re just starting to learn about the various extensions and terms being used.

If you are wondering how hair extensions are made, it is worth noting that they are made out of real human hair. You may have heard of the term Remy hair. All that means is that all the cuticles, typically referring to the outer layer of the hair, are essentially running in the same direction they were at the time the hair was collected from the donor.

Our unique process makes it difficult to tell where your hair naturally ends and the extensions begin. To ensure that we provide high quality extensions, we source top-quality human hair. By having top-quality human hair, we have a seamless finish.
Are you ready to enjoy long hair that is natural looking, versatile, and comfortable?

What’s the first step to getting extensions?

A consultation is recommended to determine the amount of hair, texture, length, and color that will be required for your perfect extensions.


Extensions might not be the solution for you. Please see our non-surgical hair solutions for women and men.